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Doug Hajicek Bio

Doug Hajicek (pronounced high-check), president of Whitewolf Entertainment Inc, is a television documentary veteran. He has produced over 200 TV features since 1987, covering the globe from Russia, the un-explored jungles of Belize, up to the Arctic. He has experienced the diversity and adversity of the business, making him a strong director and field producer. He knows what’s needed to tell a compelling story, in long or short form. He is also a seasoned offline editor, having tested and helped with development of an early system and then used it as the first non-linear editor for a TV series in 1990. He is also a skilled DP, and often a story writer.  Major television productions include:


·         Back Roads with Ron and Raven, launched 17 years ago and produced by WWE for seven years. It is now is in its 17th season; aired on ESPN 2 for 14 years and is now on OLN. 

·         Call of the Wild, for one full season on PBS.

·         The Man Who Walks with Bears, narrated by Mark Hamill, which premiered on Animal Planet in March of 2001. This cutting-edge wildlife documentary was nominated for an Emmy.

·         Deadly Beauty, shot in 35mm film, is currently in worldwide distribution (having played on the Travel Channel) and is considered the best Avalanche program.

·         Legend Meets Science, shot in 35mm film, was produced, directed and written by Hajicek for the Discovery Channel, premiered on January 9, 2003

·         Mysterious Encounters, a 13-week prime-time series that Hajicek developed, produced, and field-directed. OLN is currently airing it (on its 8th run).


His development of specialized camera systems and cutting edge documentaries has been featured in many media outlets, including news broadcasts, newspapers, Internet news and radio programs, including NPR, CNN, USA Today, NBC & ABC news, and Wireless news flash.  His innovative filming technologies & techniques include:


·         Micro camera systems that have been put in bear dens, beaver lodges and at the bottom of Lake Superior, providing long-term video feeds. This technology has provided wildlife experts with new information on how bears hibernate and give birth, as well as some other groundbreaking firsts, e.g. the first wild bear birth, hibernation monitoring, and beaver and muskrats shown living and working together in a beaver lodge.

·         The world’s first underwater hemispherical camera system, named the Benthic Explorer. The Benthic has been operating nonstop for over two years in the cold, hostile waters of Lake Superior. This complex high-tech camera array is now aiding researchers 24 hours a day, monitoring both unknown and known domestic and foreign-invader zooplankton and fish species.  This system also includes a hydrophone, an automatic fish feeding system, and proprietary lighting frequencies.  A completed full working replica of the Benthic Explorer went on permanent displayed at the Great Lakes Aquarium since May of 2001. (The Aquarium also features his ground-breaking beaver lodge studies as a full museum display.)

·         The Deep Sea Cam, will be a semi permanent system that will provide a live feed of the oceans’ depths.  It uses a sophisticated depth profiler into the vast vertical water column. This may prove to be an epochal breakthrough in marine biology, since it may discover and video-document many new ocean creatures.


As Director of Photography:

  • Was a principal photographer for the Discovery series “Wild about Animals,” now in     syndication.
  • Obtained clear infrared footage of the Giant Humboldt Squid swimming deep in the Sea of Cortez. These huge animals were filmed May 2000 for a Discovery / Animal Planet network expedition.
  • Camera technician (hired by the BBC) for obtaining the first thermal, endoscope, and wide-angle micro-color images of wild, un-tranquillized mother bears with newborn cubs.



Television Work History:

1987              The Phenomenon of Fishing. WCCO TV special. Producer/Director.

1987-1988      Outdoor News Magazine.  WCCO TV special, with Don Shelby, hosted by Ron Schara. Producer/Director.

1988-1992      North Country Television Magazine Show. 15 broadcast markets/26 episodes. Producer/Director.

1990-1992      Call of the Wild.  PBS series / 13weeks. Producer/Director/Editor.

1993-1995      Minnesota Bound.  KARE 11 / NBC. Producer/Field Producer/Director.

1994              Dances with Cranes. ABC news / KSTP TV, Russia. /DP

1995              What in the World. Kids pilot hosted by WWF stars, about the natural world. Producer/Director.

1997-1998      Wild About Animals.  National and International Syndication on Discovery Channel, with Mariette Hartley. / DP

1998              Lighter Sides of Sports. National sports comedy. DP

1999              Back Roads with Ron and Raven.  ESPN. DP/

Overall         Has produced and directed over 200 television features on subjects ranging from wolves to snow crystals, and on the scientists who study them.


Other Productions:

1990              The Lake that’s Never Been Fished. Short Arctic documentary, KARE 11 TV. Director.

1992              In Search of the Point Lake Monster. Short Arctic documentary, aired on PBS. Producer/DP/Editor.

1994              The Doolittle Expedition in China to recover one of the lost Jimmy Doolittle planes.  Trained as a DP/Photographer for the underwater video

1996              President Clinton’s Inaugural Video. Worldwide Television. Music score Randy Newman / produced by Joseph Finneran/LA. /DP/wolf footage.

1999              Xbalba: Journey into the Mayan Underworld.  Shot on location in Belize, Central America, a mile into an unexplored cave. Discovery / Travel Channel-funded exploratory expedition. Photographer/Co-writer/Editor.

2000              The Man Who Walks with Bears with Dr. Lynn Rogers, internationally famous bear researcher. One-hour show on Animal Planet, dist. by Tremendous, narrated by Mark Hamill. 16x9 wide-screen production and Co-Production for Discovery networks, Worldwide Television. Co-producer/Field Director/Photographer.

2000              The Red Devil Roho Diablo. Tremendous Entertainment—a  search for Giant Humboldt Squid off Mexican waters in the Sea of Cortez Animal Planet exploratory expedition. Surface/ DP.

2001              Deadly Beauty: Snow’s Secret life.  Avalanches and other snow phenomenon. 35mm film.  Distributed worldwide by Cinamour Entertainment Worldwide, television and DVD distribution through Image Entertainment. Discovery’s Travel Channel/ Discovery Channel Canada.  TLC/ Producer/writer/offline editor.

2002              Legend Meets Science.  The best evidence pointing to the existence of a small population of an American ape is examined by top scientists. Discovery Channel. 35mm film, 1 hour Documentary./ Bosch media group/ cable-ready.  Narrated by actor Stacy Keach./ Producer, Director.

2003              Bears on the Black Run. BBC. /Camera tech designer.

2004              Mysterious Encounters. A 13-part series that chronicles the scary drama of real life nocturnal searches for unknown creatures.  OLN. / Producer Director

2004              Brother Wolf. A look at the life of wolves and the man who tries to photograph them, Jim Brandenburg. PBS, one-hour show. Producer/Photographer/Director/Co-writer.

2005              Golf Bound. 13-week magazine style series on the golfing lifestyle. NBC affiliates. Producer/Field Producer.

2005              A Horse of a Different Color. News package about a man and his unusually smart horse. Writer.


Camera Systems Developed:

1999              The infra-red Bear Cam, which filmed the first hibernation in its entirety of a wild bear in a wild den.

2000              The Beaver Lodge Cam, the first in the world to film different mammal species cohabitating (muskrats and beavers).

2000              The Cub Probe camera system; filmed the first newborn bear cubs under a wild mother.

2000              The Benthic Explorer hemispherical underwater camera system.

2002              The ROV Tank Explorer, a slow-moving 100-pound dual-color underwater camera system that will allow children and adults to explore and get a fish-eye’s view of life in a 35, 000-gallon freshwater Great Lakes aquarium and science museum.



1994              Vistas in Education. Foray on effects of Foreign Exchange Students on Americans. Director/Writer.

1996              True North. Canadian travel. / Producer

Minnesota State Lottery. / Photographer.

The Warmest Boots.  Steger mukluks./ Producer

1997              Waste Adds Up. 3M. Photographer/Writer./ Producer

1998              Remax Real Estate.  30 sec, open house./ Producer

1998              On the Heels of Crime.  On the effects of organized shoplifting on consumers, for the National Intelligence Service, Dayton Hudson corp. Writer/Director/Photographer.

2002              Jake’s Restaurant Chain Spots.  Four each 15-sec spots./ Producer

2004              Beyond Barrier-Free. 25-part DVD on how to build a handicap-accessible home. Produced for Regel Homes./ Producer/ DP



1994              Best news feature. Emmy nomination for “Dances with Cranes.” Russian scientists try to save the Siberian crane. Also chosen as most requested news story to be replayed.

2000              Emmy nomination for “Mother Bear.” A secret look into the life of a family of bears. Producer for NBC news affiliate, best news feature.

2002              Emmy nomination for “The Man who Walks with Bears.” Animal Planet.



                 Member of Academy of Television Art and Sciences.


Whitewolf Entertainment (WWE) can and has worked in all formats from film to Thermal video.  Below is a list:


Camera Types:

All standard broadcast cameras

Sony 570

Thermal color infrared spectrum

Film sync 35 mm. ARRI

Film sync 16 mm. ARRI

All surveillance formats

Long lens formats L2

4th-generation night vision


Blimp camera system wireless and on-board film payloads

Floatograph stabilized balloon for Arial filming

Underwater cameras/ stationary or traveling

Hidden-color and infrared

Weather-resistant remote

True Infrared

Microscopic contact endoscope field video

Standard Endoscope cameras

E.H.S. Extreme high-speed camera for    slow motion captures (100,000 frames per sec max)

Remote-operated cameras with full control


Record and Playback Formats:


DV cam

HI 8


Beta SP


DVD direct

Digital VHS

Hard drive Direct.





FILM 35mm-16mm


Audio Record Formats:

Sync Stellavox and DAT recorders for film

Shure wireless x 4 with field mixer

Seinhieser shot guns/ fish pole


Non-linear on- and off-line editing

All formats

Media 100


Final Cut Pro

Full DVD authoring and burning


Whitewolf Entertainment Extras:

Full lighting both portable field and studio lighting including Tota light kits / small grip truck

Full field communications systems

Field monitors

Full fabrication dept. with CNC and full engineering CAD systems

All types of Jib work


Writing and Creative

Art and Art Direction



Special Filming Systems:

WWE can develop extreme filming systems for any need.


The hemispherical Benthic underwater camera system and research vessel. Developed by Doug Hajicek of WWE.


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