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Mario Benassi Bio

Today's productions demand audience-engaging visuals. Mario has perfected shots depicting intimate moments in elusive creature's lives, as well as captured the awesome strength and ferocity of dangerous predators.

Acclaimed for filming in rugged and remote jungle locations. Whether at the edge of a precipice filming a golden eagle, or hanging from a limb of a 200 ft. tall Kapok tree to film the the elusive margay, Mario will go to great lengths to get the shot. His forte is producing concise, 3 - 4 minute sequences depicting characteristic or unusual behaviors.

Single Programs

Martin Schliessler's Alaska: Eskimo Whale Hunt 2004 60 min MS Worldwide/ZDF Germany DOP Mario Benassi
Koi: King of Carp 2003 in development Wildside Productions, Ltd.
Parelli Natural Horsemanship 2003 48 min Taurus Productions/RDF Videography by Mario Benassi
The Dog Squad 2003 30 min National Geographic Out There!
Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science 2002 48 min Discovery Channel
Venom! 2001 20 min National Geographic Explorer
Red Thunder: Rock Benefit for Alaska's Wild Places 2000 45 min MTV
Underdogs: Prairie Dogs Under Attack 1999 60 min Turner Original Productions
Wild Encounters 1997 60 min Kingworld
Wacky Babies 1996 60 min Kingworld
Fantastic Follies 1995 60 min Kingworld
Dangerous Encounters 1994 60 min Kingworld
Colorado's Wildside 1993 52 min Wildside Productions, Ltd.

Production Work on Series

Mysterious Encounters 2003-2004 13 x 30 min Outdoor Life Network/White Wolf Entertainment, directed by Mario Benassi
Jim Fowler's Life In The Wild 2001-2003 22 x 30 min Tapestry of Georgia International Productions
Animal Jam 2002 30 min Jim Henson Productions/Discovery Kids
Cloud's Legacy 2001 60 min Taurus Films, Nature/WNET
Velvet Killers 2001-2002 2 x 20 min National Geographic Explorer / JWM productions
Nature: Cloud, Wild Stallion of the Rockies 2000 2 x 60 min Taurus Films, Nature/WNET PBS
Saving Endangered Species 1999-2001 52 x 30 min RAMM Entertainment Zoboomafoo 1998-2000 40 x 30 min Kratt Brothers', PBS
Champions of the Wild 1997-2002 50 x 30 min Omni Productions
Wild America 1983-1993 120 x 30 min PBS


2003 Cost of Freedom Winner: Special Jury Award and Merit Award for Conservation Advocacy Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Jackson Hole, WY

2001 Winged Predators of the Sky - Jim Fowler's Life in the Wild Nominated: Regional Southeast Emmy Written and produced by Mario Benassi

1999 Zoboomafoo - Fierce Creatures Nominated: Best Children's Program, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Jackson Hole, WY

1999 Underdogs: Prairie Dogs Under Attack Winner: Best in Category, Best Environmental Film, International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula, MT

1994 Colorado's Wildside Winner: Best 30 min. Film Documentary, Colorado Broadcaster's Association, Merit Award for Photography, International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula, MT

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